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"Delivering sustainable cost saving benefits using ventilated drying floors to deliver accelerated drying solutions suitable for multiple product types"

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Our state of the art wood chip fired drying ventilated floor systems provide drying solutions for both producers and retailers of the following types of materials

Aggregates, Sands, Soils, Composted Materials, Sawdust, Woodchip, Logs & Kindling, Grains, Cereals, Animal Bedding & Feed.  


The inherent nature of the high air speed pressure drying floor over a large 150m2 slab space allows for the highly effective drying of almost any material, the air pressure enabling the product to effectively float marginally above the floor slab surface.  This new drying technology provides directly measurable cost saving benefits to organisations and individuals seeking to add value to products by rapidly removing excess moisture leading to a unique competitive advantage for users of the technology.  


If you would like to discuss utilising our systems located close to the M1 and Sheffield City Centre please contact us.

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